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We have two types of fees that are thought to our customers so they can choose the best one to make your reservation.

Non Refundable Rate.

This rate will always be the most economical whose condition, in order to access this type is by paying 100% of the reservation within 48 hours of receiving confirmation email, means of payment can be made through bank deposit, payment Link Visa or through PayPal, the second option allows you to use any credit card or debit card, this rate does not include taxes or service, they will be paid at the time of check-in, as indicated in the general conditions.



FREE cancellation rate.

This is our published rate, to access this type should only make a reservation; They have up to 7 days before arrival to cancel without charge, after this time and cancellation penalty will be within 100% of booking value if prepayment has been made; that does not have pre-paid reservation is confirmed, but subject to space availability at the time of arrival and the booking was made long ago. If you want to have the reservation and confirmed, ensure the availability of the room in your reservation appears an amount to be able to make the a Pre payment of 15% of the reservation value, this amount is refundable up to 7 days before your Check in.

Benefits of booking with us

Free cancellation

Free may cancel your reservation without any cost until 2 days before your check-in hotel.

Best Rate Guarantee


Secure Reservations

Thanks to our booking engine will guarantee your reservation and will not run availabilities for your travel date.

Pay at the hotel

You can choose this option and pay at time of check in to the hotel with any form of cash or credit card payment.

And now registered users enjoy priority services booking online. More info here.

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